Friday, March 14, 2003

Shock Jaques

Thanks to BuzzMachine for supplying this link. You can send up to a 2,000 character epistle to Mr. Chirac here. Here is the one I sent:

For over 40 years your county has sought to balance what you call American "hyperpower". From your on again/off again relationship with NATO to your self appointed tutelage of the EU to your current "altruistic" intransigence over Iraq in the UNSC.

As an American citizen and a person of French decent: Shame on you sir. You may camouflage the self-interested policy of France with hypocritical posturing for "peace". You can use your unearned, ill deserved and hopefully short-lived Permanent Member status on the UNSC as a cudgel to thwart us "diplomatically". For now…

Enjoy your moment in the limelight Mr. Chirac, for this is, at least until France again earns a place at the table of nations that are willing assume the cost, and not just the wear the garments of liberty, your swan song. When Iraq is liberated and the extent and depth of French collaboration with Saddam Hussein is revealed along with the depth of suffering that the Iraqi people have endured, you and your countrymen will hang your heads in shame. Provided you have any shame left.

You are not our ally. You are not our enemy. And, if not for the absurdity of the United Nations (where Iraq can chair the disarmament committee while being “disarmed”), you could not play your current role of annoying spoiler. You would simply be an object of melancholy, like an old Parisian whore, jaundiced, morally bankrupt and decrepit. That and a sad, but vivid reminder of the danger of living on a pension funded only by faded glory and lost integrity.

We WILL liberate Iraq, just as we liberated your country sixty years ago. We will spend our most precious currency, the blood of our young people, in this endeavor because we are still children of the Enlightenment and understand the cost of freedom. Peace without freedom sir is slavery. I hope that we may, within my lifetime welcome France, the homeland of Lafayette, back to the family.


Royce A. Dunbar
Des Moines, Iowa USA

It felt good writing it anyway...


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