Friday, September 19, 2003

Another Reason to Love Fridays!

It's Victor Davis Hanson day at The National Review Online! Man... as much as I don't miss academia, I would LOVE to take a college course from that man!

Anyway... Dr. Hanson puts things into historical perspective (again...) in These are Historic Times. Here's a sample.

Work with the U.N.; heap lavish praise on the U.N.; protect the U.N. in Iraq; show it deference and respect. Invite it in for humanitarian help. But, by God, don't allow it to take over operations in Iraq. Of course, it would be nice to join more closely with the French and Germans — if only to deflect their formidable cultural criticism that resonates so well in the Arab world. But, alas, they will never come in friendship, or offer real help, to Iraq. Such countries that so profited from Saddam Hussein, and so opposed our removal of him, for matters of pride alone cannot now help, even if they wished to.

Go read it... NOW!


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