Friday, November 14, 2003

Only Mildly Annoying

Rekha Basu’s piece today is about an elderly survivor West Nile Virus. It was, on the whole, a reasonable and not horribly written human interest piece. Earth to Planet Basu: “Perhaps this is the kind of column you should stick to…?”

But… she couldn’t leave it totally alone of course:

His mind is still sharp though. With less mobility, he concentrates on his passion for reading, and is eager to talk about the dangers of depleted uranium. He keeps a journal.

Well, his mind is probably as sharp as it was before he was infected, anyway. Depleted uranium is about as dangerous as the radium dial on your watch. That’s why they call it DEPLETED uranium.

Anyway, it was a reasonable piece overall. Kind of harmless... like most of her hubby Rob’s work. But, she just could not stay away from the alarmist, liberal whoo-ha. Well, that’s our zany Rekha!


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