Wednesday, June 02, 2004

John "Flipflop" Kerry...?

No... John "Flexible and able to recognise flawed thinking" Kerry. says the Register Editorial Board. Okay, they don't mention him by name, but you get the idea. Here's the whole thing:

It seems the worst insult a political candidate can hurl during a campaign is that the opponent has "waffled." Wavered. Changed his or her mind. It's a simplistic insult that implies changing views is a weakness that can't be tolerated in leaders.

As anyone who is human knows, that's a ridiculous assertion.
Someone once said the only people who do not change their minds are those who can't -- because they're in cemeteries.

Life, after all, is constantly changing. It requires people to change with it.

Perhaps the best leader is the one who has the ability to change a view, change directions, see something anew, accept new information, recognize flawed thinking and chart a new course.

Someone who changes views is not nearly so frightening a leader as one who can't or won't.

Yep, every vice a virtue and opportunistic political posturing transformed by editorial magic into wisdom and flexibility. Steadfastness and resolution in time of war morphed into scary, Neanderthal stupidity.

I especially love the "Life... is constantly changing." angle. A true knee slapper, given how the REB fears the dynamism of the marketplace.

By October, those huge-brained editorialists are going to be foaming at the mouth. I can hardly wait.


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