Monday, July 12, 2004

Kerry/Edwards Love Fest

I'm getting to the point where watching TV coverage of the Democrat ticket makes me want to hurl. The "Today Show" coverage looks like an ongoing paid political announcement. Katie Couric actually referred to the Kerry and Edwards clans (at a photo opportunity) as "the Brady Bunch"... and she wasn't referring to their gun control agenda... or maybe she was.

Anyway... could it be any more blatant? Am I going nuts? My Democrat wife says I am. But, she's been saying that for 23 years.

On a related note, here's a John Kerry quote from the recent Washington Post interview with the two Johns:

"Don't get suckered into the how many years you've been in one job or this job" debate, Kerry said. "You've got people in [Washington] who have been in one job [for] 30 years of what you call experience, and they have done nothing, they don't stand for anything and they don't know how to fight."
Hmmm... too easy to comment.

On another related note... I want them to stop touching each other so much. Believe me, it's not a homophobia thing... I know it's nothing sexual. It's just the perfect storm of calculated, contrived and creepy.

As my Scandinavian in-laws would say: "Ish-da!"


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