Thursday, February 24, 2005

29 - You Misread Me Dude

29 takes issue with my last post. He thought that I was supporting Zero Tolerance.

Quite the opposite, 29... quite the opposite. I said that Zero Tolerance was public education's answer, not mine!

Zero Tolerance is a heinous copout. It keeps our educators (any others in a position of authority) from having to use their friggin' judgment. See my rant from a couple of years ago here.

My point was that a gun is not the same a small pocket knife and that a bully with history of inciting violence is not the same as a kid that being bullied. It's insane, twisted and the ultimate expression of Orwellian post-modern political correctness.

I think that students in school should absolutely have the right to self defense. One way to keep a bully (who are for the most part cowards) down is to take a couple of well placed pokes at them. The assistant vice principal should then get both boys stories, take their reputations into consideration and meet out punishment as and if necessary.

In 29's words:

School administrators are the problem. They're a bunch of weak-kneed girlymen who refuse to take sides and enable child abuse. If you've got a kid who's bullying, they've almost always been in trouble and the principals and counselors know this. They don't intervene. They don't talk to the parents or find out what's going on in the home. They don't try to solve the problem. That's why they're in favor of advancing children to another grade level who cannot read, write, or compute.
All I can say is right on brother man!

And you know... wonder of wonders, sometimes these things work out by themselves. I had a kid picked on me in 5th grade. Well... I kind of egged him on a bit - can you believe that? We duked it out (I'm sure it must have been comical to watch...) after school and became later very good friends.


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