Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Like Going into Space in a '72 Plymouth Duster

We have got to junk this thing and start over. It first went into space 25 years ago. It was designed in the early 1970's for God's sake.

I'm a huge manned spaceflight supporter. I'm even for govenrment funding (consistency being the hobgoblin that is is...). But, we need a private/Federal partnership of some kind to get it back on track.

One way the Feds could at least get out of the way is to stop legislating safety regulations that would essentially prohibit space tourism. Look, if you have $500k or so and want to risk sitting on top of a giant roman candle to go suborbital or into low Earth orbit... why not?

Shit, liberals should love it. Think of all of the rich people who could put themselves in harm's way. And think of the potential death tax revenues.

[HomerSimpson]Ummmmm... death taxes...[/HomerSimpson]


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