Monday, February 13, 2006


Two counter protesters face the Saracen Hordes in Paris! A French-American and Danish-American put their lives on the line for freedom of speech.

"Sons of adultery!" "Hey, you two sons of the whore!" Uniformed policemen join us and start rushing us, more and more quickly down the street (I don't want to run, I tell them), with a growing crowd quickening their steps. A police van's door opens. "Go! Go!" shouts a policeman to the driver, "Foncez!" as sirens wail and the van rushes ahead.

"Are you out of your minds?!" ask the two officers. "Do you know how many of them there were?!" "Somebody's got to stand up for free speech", replies the French protestor. After staying with us for 20-something minutes, they let us out. (As a departing farewell, I say, "You know, right before you came, we almost had them surrounded.")
That took no small amount of guts. And 10 out of 10 for style - "... we almost had them surrounded." Beautiful.

If these two men had been torn limb from limb by the crowd, I'm sure many in the Progressive camp would say it was their fault for provoking the Muslim protestors.

As a thought experiment, imagine if you will two black men peacefully counter demonstrating at a Neo Nazi march. Imagine that they are subsequently lynched by skinheads.

In your wildest imagination can you see anyone blaming our two theoretical black heroes for their treatment at the hands of white supremacist scum? Nor can I.

Let's give it up for the soft bigotry of low expectations that drives so much of what passes for thinking in the progressive world view.


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