Sunday, March 16, 2003

Weasels, Keep on Weaselin'

Hey, hey! Chirac accepts a 30 day Iraq disarmament deadline... well... sort of. Has Jaques Chirac seen the light? Is he willing now to disarm Iraq... or... are Chirac and Saddam are making a concerted effort to keep the US and Great Britain from going in now that it's down to the short strokes?

The longer this mess goes on, the more it seems that Saddam and Chirac are coordinating their actions. Yesterday, Saddam invites the "chief arms inspectors" back in. Today, Chirac "agrees" to a bogus 30 day deadline. Of course, Hans Blix thinks that Global Warming is a bigger issue than his own gig in Iraq. I'm glad HE's on the job! The process at the UN is a sham. I once thought Blix had himself tied in knots over this because he was a man of principle. Now it's more than clear that he's a Tranzie bureaucrat. Chiraq will go along with whatever the UN arms inspectors because... just maybe... he knows what they are going to say. "Inspections are working... more time mes amis."

I wonder what we're going to find in Iraq with nasty little French paw prints all over it? I think that Steven den Beste had this nailed a month and a half ago.

They will do anyting at this point to have us not go in. Then it will be time for another extension. Be strong Tony Blair. In future generations, you name will be said in the same breath with that of Winston Churchill's. Stay the course President Bush. Some men grow and harden in the crucible of responsibility. I believe that you are one of those men. You are doing precisely what needs to be done to protect the Nation and its Constitution.

The waiting needs to be over. The uncertainty of the marketplace is clobbering us. We to get this thing done THIS WEEK.


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