Sunday, June 08, 2003

A plague on both their houses...

Okay, once and for all. IT IS NOT A TAX CREDIT IF YOU DON'T PAY TAXES. IT'S WELFARE. From the SaturdayRegister Editorial on the "Tax Credit".

Watching the tax-cut imbroglio unfold this week was enough to make anyone gag. It laid bare the cynicism, arrogance and gamesmanship that has made a tangled, incomprehensible mess of the U.S. Tax Code.

I couldn't agree more... but I don't think that the Register's editorial board and I would find the same meaning in that statement. They think that the tax code should be used for MORE redistribution of wealth.

Democrats went on the offensive when they discovered that some 12 million children whose parents earn the minimum wage would be denied a full $1,000-per-child credit in the recently enacted tax-cut bill. Republicans dismissed the criticism: Most of those families don't pay income taxes anyway, they said. Why should they get a refund?

Well, duh... but the Republicans, led by our own Chuck Grassley caved in when it was noted that many in the armed services would qualify.

To be fair to the Register, they criticize the Republicans for supporting tax credits for businesses that don't pay taxes. Again, this is why I'm a Libertarian. On domestic issues... particularly anything that can legislate money into the hands of the electorate, the Democrats and Republicans both stink to high heaven.


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