Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Ron, to you Hillary probably looks good...

I started this blog in February and have never taken Ron Borsellino to task for an Op-Ed piece. Well it's time.

On Hillary Clinton:

If you're a Republican, you hate her because she's smart, she's threatening to angry white males, she doesn't care who she disses and - despite the vast right-wing conspiracy - she managed to get herself elected to the U.S. Senate.

Yeah, she's smart... and smarmy... and smug... and scheming... and duplicitous... and a moonbat elitist, socialist sow

Who are you calling an angry white mail Ron? I'm an angry Hispanic male who passes for white, okay. And anyway... why is it anytime a male dislikes a strong woman, he's immediately accused of feeling threatened??? Perhaps... just perhaps he does not care for her or the things that she stands for. You wouldn't want to be promoting sexual stereotypes Ron. Rekha wouldn't like it.

Doesn't care who she disses...? What a load of crap. She's as political as they come and very careful about whom she disses... and when... and where. Hillary Clinton doesn't even take a pee without mulling the political ramifications.

Ah... the VRWC... that forced her serial-groper husband to perjure himself... after getting a blowjob from an intern... on the job... in the White House... But, he only lied under oath to protect Hillary and Chelsea.

If you're a Democrat, you love her for those same reasons. Plus the fact that she just might be the first woman elected president.

If you’re a Democrat (first of all, my condolences), and you think that she’s going to be elected President of The United States. Great idea. Maybe she could have Al Sharpton be her running mate…

I don't like Hillary Clinton because she represents everything I hate in the Nanny State. She would take away my rights and my money by force to benefit others who are "more needy" no matter how responsible those needy souls are for their own predicament. She's a soccer mom-styled, smiling Stalin in a $2,000 dress with a $500 hairdo. She's walking, talking, breathing evil... and evil of the most dangerous kind. She's evil motivated by a mommy's good intentions combined with lust for power and spiked with a heaping helping of postmodernism.

Whew... I feel better now. Welcome aboard Ron. Say "howdy-do" to Rekha for me.


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