Tuesday, September 23, 2003

The UN Party vs. the US Party

Arnold Kling sees the Democrats casting their lot with the UN in 2004... and doesn't like what he sees:

I think that both the Democratic and Republican candidates for President should view the differences between the United States and the UN as a disgrace to the latter. However, at this point I am very worried that the Democrats will fail to do so. I am no prognosticator, but in the early stages of the campaign it worries me that the 2004 election could turn out to be between the UN party and the U.S. party.

George Bush & company have many flawed policies. He's breaking the budget with new programs. Ashcroft and the DOJ would be a joke if they were not so dangerous. When I see him and his minions flirt with the religious right I want to hurl.

However, as long as he actively pursues the war on terror (and no Democrats will take up the mantel), he will get my vote. The fact that he defies and deflates that puffed up, moral black hole headquartered where 42nd street meets the East River is simply a bonus.

Go read Mr. Kling's entire article on techcentralstation.com.


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