Monday, November 17, 2003

Register: Play Nice Now Senators

The Register shows it's even-handed, impartial stance in one of their editorials today:
Declare truce in judicial war

In an ideal world, federal court nominees would be scrutinized purely on strength of intellect, experience and "judicial temperament" rather than left-right ideology. Alas, those days are probably past. But there is a cure for this problem short of having the Senate pull all-nighters: The president could send mainstream conservative nominees over to the Senate, and they will be confirmed. The Democrats have demonstrated how that works by allowing 168 of Bush's nominees to be confirmed while blocking only four.

"Alas, those days are probably past."

What a laugh. That ship sailed when judges started making law from the bench. From the 1970's on, a Judicial nominee's political stance, not "intellect, experience and judicial temperament", became THE critical litmus test for approval. Both parties realize this.

I'm going to guess that the Register Editorial Board would LOVE to see more "progressive
, liberal, post modern, internationalist, etc. legislate from the Federal bench. As long as it's liberal-leaning law that spreads wealth around, handcuffs private enterprise and creates more entitlements framed as rights... hey, that's great.


Come January 2005... the Democrats may not have the numbers for a filibuster. I hope he re-nominates Janice Rogers Brown!


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