Saturday, December 06, 2003

Spinning Good Economic News to Bad - Register Seethes and Whines

The economy is going gangbusters. Unemployment is going down. Productivity is going up. Inflation is in check. Time for celebration? Not at the Register where they know that this is the harbinger for four more years of Bush43. Bwaa-ha-ha, spout and sputter all you want, 'taint gonna do no good no how. It’s time for some bitter medicine.

The editorial itself is a laundry list of liberal lamentation. Boo friggin' hoo. Those who "need" it most aren't getting it. We need 150,000 jobs a month and we're only getting 57,000. Productivity is improving, but this benefits nothing but those evil capitalists. The 9% productivity improvement just means that the slaves in the sweatshops are just straining harder under the whip. All wage earners are doing their best. All employers are heartless Scrooges. Only over-paid corporate executive pigs are benefiting from the recovery.

What passes for an editorial staff must have been listening to NPR's Marketplace (that Socialist business news program), because I heard this exact same spin using the same numbers last night.

And, of course... this cannot last. Federal deficits are going to choke off the recovery anyway before them poor working folk get anything good.

It's truly amusing when a discredited political/economic philosophy, mediocre writing skills and a strong recovery meet. Expect more hysterics over the next year. Lord, it's going to be fun.


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