Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Wish I had a Birdcage...

...'Cause I've got the liner. Let's take a tour of the Register's Opinion pages today.

First Editorial: Schools go begging - literally. Oh no!!! The schools are going to crash and burn. We just can't provide an education to kids at over $8,000 a head a year. Mo money.

Second Editorial: Now, undo the damage. That new Medicare bill is the devil's work. I agree... but probably not for the same reasons as the Register Editorial Board...

Et Cetera: The ginseng war: Those darned dietary supplements may not hurt, but they may not help. Government regulation now!!!

Rekha: Thanks... from Al Queda to Zimbabwe. All right, all right, that’s not really the title. Happy Thanksgiving you overfed, American, war mongering Nazi scum. (Fisking to follow)

Guest Communist... I mean Columnist: NAFTA. Decade of devastation for workers. The quest for profits kills. Workers of the world unite! But not by trading goods and services freely across boarders.

And last... and most certainly least...

Tom Harkin: Medicare bill is a betrayal on all counts. Yeah... we just don't do enough for those seniors. It's mere coincidence that folks over 60 went from the poorest age demographic to the richest in 40 years. Betrayal! Betrayal!

Now, that's editorial balance!


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