Sunday, December 21, 2003

Yeah, that's it... it was Diplomacy... yeah, that's the ticket

The New York Times is still in denial on the successes of the War on Islamofacsism. Don't think so...? Read this.

Only one buried referenced mentioned that:

A State Department official said Libya felt an urgency to act because of the American stances on Iran and North Korea and the war in Iraq.

The chutzpa of the Times in their attempt to bury the obvious is mind boggling. Oh yeah, it's simply coincidence that the negotiations began in March (when the US and Great Britain were on Iraq's borders preparing to invade). And it's only chance that:

The negotiations hit high speed in the last week.

No mention that last week we just happened to find Saddam Hussein in a dirty hole in the ground. I'm sure that this development had nothing to do with Qaddafi's decision to up the pace of the negotiations.

The Left arguments are starting to look like the ones used by Christian Fundamentalists to support creation "science". One swipe with Occam's Razor and the positions tend to evaporate into thin air.


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