Friday, December 12, 2003

Krugman Just Does Not Get It

Bad, BAD George W. Bush! Those Bush hardliners are creating A Deliberate Debacle.

Poor France and Germany. They spent the last 20 plus years cozying up to a murderous, fascist dictator. They made tons of money in the process. They sold him arms. They enabled Saddam Hussein to murder tens of thousands of Iraqis. Then they were, to put it politely, obstructive to our effort to liberate Iraq.

But why... WHY won't we let them in on the reconstruction deals??? We're all friends... right? They're our allies... yes?

Maybe I'm giving Paul Wolfowitz too much credit, but I don't think this was mere incompetence. I think the administration's hard-liners are deliberately sabotaging reconciliation.

Ya think Paul? Man, you ARE bright!

This is no policy mix up. This is no embarrassment for Bush43. This is Jacksonian, US international relations at it's best. For those of you who, like Krugman, who seem to need a remedial lesson in how this works, please re-read "The Little Red Hen". (Thanks LGF!)

Name one... just ONE substantive reconciliation effort by the French, Germans or Russians... I'm waiting... Come on now... you can surely think of one... Nothing? I thought not.

The other part of this I love is the idea that we're "asking" France, Germany and Russia to forgive Iraqi debt. Note to the New York Times... I don't think that we're asking...


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