Sunday, January 04, 2004

The Collapse of Liberalism

What have been the features of this creed that has dominated political life? In our time liberalism has come to mean dependence on the powers of central government to solve nearly all problems. This has stemmed from a view of man holding that any evil he displays is merely the rest of his environment, and that his innate good will be released by the simple step of giving him ample money, housing and other worldly goods. Thus, the liberal creed has come to demand an almost religious "commitment" to using the government to uplift the poor; not so much as a way to help the unfortunate, but as the answer to all the problems of mankind.

Robert Bartley in The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 14, 1968. Reprinted on Opinion Journal on January 2, 2002.

Wow... the clarity of thought and guts to write this in 1968. Mr. Bartley passed away last December 10th. Not knowing his work, I did not know what the hubbub was about. I get it. I plan to find more of his work and read it.


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