Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Times They are a Changin' Update

Andrew Sullivan got a letter from a twenty something New Yorker that highlights the generation gap around the War on Islamofacsism. Did I say "generation gap"...? Oh, silly me... after the 60's (that golden age when all moral truth was discovered) there were not supposed to be any more "generation gaps"... sorry.

.While having a beer at a neighborhood bar/restaurant in NYC's West Village last weekend, I was party to a situation that I think you'll find directly on point.
Three mid-50's liberals were going on about the capture of Saddam; how it was a conspiracy, that the president knew where he was at all times and picked a politically opportune moment to capture him, it was all about the oil, etc.

The mid-20's girl sitting next to them broke from her conversation to chime in with the following, "I wish 60's sensibilities had stayed there. Someone points a gun in your face and you think 'My Fault', when you should be thinking 'You just picked the wrong fight'. Get your heads out of your asses".
They responded with dismissive claims about Republicans and tourists from the midwest.

She replied with, "One, I've grew up in Brooklyn. Two, I voted for Gore -- but I'll sure as hell take W. over someone who thinks the French are the height of moral authority and without ulterior motive."

I asked her out on the spot, and have a date for this Friday. Foxy, Cunning, and Fearless -- wish me luck!

Best of luck to that young man! She'd be one hell of a catch.

To the rest of us: use this brave, Anti-Idiotarian young lady as a role model. When you hear this kind of 60's, moral equivalent idiocy, speak out against it. To co-opt a Baby Boomer slogan: "Silence = Death".


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