Sunday, January 04, 2004

Ombudsman...? Nah... Public Editor...? Nah... Apologist Spin Weasel...? Well... yah!

Daniel Okrent finally comments on last year's politically motivated quote doctoring perpetrated by Krugman and Dowd.

In the months before I started in this job, two instances of Times columnists' truncating or eliding quotations made some readers apoplectic. I'm trying to stay away from issues that arose before I started here, except insofar as they relate to running stories, so I'll leave further discussion of those incidents to critics, polemicists and the columnists' loved ones. But deciding when a quote begins and when it ends is something that nearly every writer faces in nearly every story, and there are no firm rules to follow.

That's it...? Oh... I get it. It's Public Editor in the current sense of Public Health, Public Safety and Public Television.

Well, Mr. Okrent, your credibility almost lasted a couple of months. You have pissed away a chance to bring the Gray Lady back to planet Earth and proven yourself nothing but Mr. Sulzberger's lapdog.

Henceforth, you are cursed with "Peanuts Teacher Syndrome". Everything you say will sound like a muted trumpet going "wha-wha wha-wha-wha".

You blew it Danny boy.


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