Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sorry Posting Has Been nonexistent

Just got back from my annual wilderness canoe trip in Canada. Before I could leave, I was swamped at work.

Thanks to those who emailed wondering what happened. Don't worry. I'm still here and my bombastic opinions are still plentiful.

You know, though... the Register (along with the rest of the "mainstream media" almost parodies itself these days. The Edtorial Board seems to be careening through the stages of mourning. They almost always gravitate back to denial.

I don't have cable, so I have to watch the GOP convention on PBS. Mark Shields looks perpertually apoplectic. Lord, what a tottering, stuttering shill for the Democrats. No argument... no analysis... just doddering propaganda. At one point he tried to make the case that the man who bears the mantel of George H. W. Bush is... wait for it... John Kerry! He must wear the tinfoil under his toupee.

His counterpart is David Brooks the NY Times columnist. Mr. Brooks looks like he's somewhere between bemused and sedated most of the time. He's a "house conservative columnist" at a (dare I say) LIBERAL newspaper... so he's a natural for the PBS gig. He's deferential and mostly polite to Shields. But, you still get the feeling that he could rhetorically reach across the table and pull out the old man's still-beating heart. But, like Kane from Kung Fu... he refrains.

Anyway, I'll be out tomorrow evening hoisting a few beers with friends so I may not catch the President's address. I hope that "W" can rise to the occasion tomorrow night. There's a lot at stake.


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