Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Me So Stupid

Me no understand things. Me not live in real world. Me lack nuance and perspective. Me told that why me vote for "W".

Me thought me think hard about this. Me never vote for Republican president before. Vote Democrat - Carter, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis (me think him have funny name, hee hee hee!), Clinton, Clinton. Me then vote Libertarian.

Now, me vote Republican. Me no know why. Guess me dittohead pawn of Fox News (but me no have cable TV...), Rush (but me no listen his show) and other right wing propaganda.

People on left say me vote for "W" 'cause me fundamentalist Jesusland freakyboy.

No, not true. Me agnostic. Me kinda like what Buddha teach, except for whole spirit/material duality stuff. Work good for some people, but not scale up good to group.

But me no born again Christian.

Me support gay rights. Me have gay brother and gay friends. Me okay if gay friends get married. If no have kids, don't know why they want get married. Seem silly to me. But me no judge. Me also understand how some people not like gay people get married. This one kinda hard one.

Me want all woman control their body. Make baby by mistake. Okey-dokey do over. But make mind up quick, okay lady. Not wait 'till baby get too big. Not okay when baby can live outside of mommy. This one hard too. Big choice must be made quick. This hard grownup choice. This choice make big things happen that last long time.

Me no like policeman state. Me want all good people do what they want. Do what they want long as they no hurt nobody else. Me no pay for what you choose do, okay. Me have own family. Me think that hard enough most days.

You want know why me thought me vote for "W"?

Me thought bad men no like us. No like our choose things. No like my gay friends. Want kill my gay friends. Want kill ladies who snuggle close with man they not married to. Want women not drive car. Want women not vote.

If we no think like them, bad men want kill us. Bad men think God no like us. Bad men think it goodness to kill us. No matter if kill man, lady or even baby. They cut people's heads off and make video to scare us. All this really really bad.

But bad men no think it bad. They think if we not believe what they do we not people. We just things. Me think their God think funny.

Saddam Hussein not believe these things. But he use things bad men believe to help keep him big man. He give money to bad people that blow up ladies and kids in pizza shop. He let people who kill ladies and kids live in his country. He use people who believe bad things from their funny-bad God to make him big. To me this make him worse that bad men who believe in funny-bad God.

We let Saddam alone for long time. But all world change when big two buildings fall down. Bad men do this. We not know how bad they be until then.

Me work in one of two big building closer to water. Me go there every day for three month. Now all gone. Me think some people me see every day back then gone too. Fireman brother of friend of mine died try help people out of big building. This make me angry at bad men.

But some people say it our fault. Some people say we the bad men. They say we deserve it.

I say they not smart. They follow discredited paradigm leftover Cold War. They not have sense defend own culture. They not know time for nuance over. They not know postmodern thinking just like suicide pill. They not know this war and no time for moral relativism.

You know I hear that bad men want get really big bomb. This really big bomb not really that big. One man can carry in bag. But it blow up real big. Whole city go away. Me think that bad men do it too. If they have it they use it. Kill many people. Democrat friends. Gay friends. Not matter to them. They not people to bad men.

"W" say he know this is scary thing. "W" say we can't wait for them come to us. "W" call these bad men bad men. We got get them first. "W" want to help all Americans not get blowed up. "W" want to help all Americans not get anthrax or poison gas.

Bad men only have to blow up big bomb once. One time too many times.

Me scared that if bad men blow up many Americans, we must do same to them. Kill many ladies and babies. Me no want this. Me want finish it now. Not so many dead people. Try kill only bad men not so many ladies and babies.

This too big big hard grownup choice. Wish world not like this. Wish everybody get along nice.

Anyway, me done now. Me go back read "Flowers for Algernon".



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