Saturday, November 06, 2004

Thank God It's Over

Or is it?

First, kudos to Kerry for his next day concession. Ya see, he does have a bit of patrician class as well as disdain. He also appeared human for the first time in two years. Good on ya Senator Kerry.

Mr. Edwards - well... your concession speech was a bit lacking. But that's okay. Now we can say bye bye to you, you preening, ambulance chasing, c-section boosting pretty boy. I suspect that the Democrats will want nothing to do with you in 2008. Oh... sincere best wishes for your wife. I mean that. I wish Mrs. Edwards a swift and complete recovery. Thank goodness that life is not neat, tidy and poetically just. If it were, you would not be able to find a physician willing to treat her.

Register Editorial Board - Time to gear up for 2008. Enough healing and unity for crying out loud. It's time to mobiles! Those reptilian-brained flyover country bumpkin nitwits and their reality denying, anti-gay "moral values", fascist, neo-colonialist must be exposed for the hateful, election stealing (winning... whatever) running dogs they are.

Rekha Basu - I think that voting in one presidential election is enough for you. Canada beckons. Can you hear its siren call. Psst... Rekha... come home to the metric system, loonies, . Come back to a place where you can live in safety under the umbrella of American "hyperpower" and safely curse your protectors. Wait a minute ... you can do that HERE. Nevermind Rekha. Just keep on angstin'. We'll keep on reading your columns and shaking our heads.

Iowa Bloggers - especially State 29 - excellent job of "watching the watchers".


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