Sunday, October 24, 2004

Election 2004 - Down to the Short Strokes

Is anyone out there as... what is the term...? Concerned...? Scared...? Scared s#$tless about this? Coast to coast, anti-Republican campaign violence is breaking out and from the MSM - nothing.

But, should we be surprised? I mean, these good people shooting out windows at GOP campaign headquarters, harassing Republican voters and the like are just speaking truth to power. Sure, their tactics are, well... questionable, but they're fighting for the people. They're speaking truth to power damn it! Yeah, right...

So they're putting the American tradition of peaceful succession at risk. Christ, we had an election in the middle of a civil war. Big deal. The Republicans stole the last election anyway. It's payback time.

And if these electoral "insurgents" aren't effective, fear not. Better get Hans Blix on the line, because the Democrats will bring out the WMDs. Lawyers... lots and lots of lawyers. Not just regular lawyers... no, Airborne Lawyers. 10,000 of them, ready to hop on private jets, jump into the hotspots and protect the right of dead people and cartoon characters to vote.

This is deadly friggin' serious people. This is basic to the survival of our democracy. This is the glue that has held this republic together for the last 228 years. This is the kind of basic life lesson that kids used to learn on the school playground. If you decide to play a game and you're losing, you can't change the rules to your advantage after the game has begun.

But no more. After all, when you're fighting for the people (real or imagined...), the ends justify the means. George W. Bush is such a threat to the Union... nay, the world... that he must be stopped. He must be defeated, even if we must destroy the heart of this country to save it.

God help us all if Bush wins in a squeaker.

Update - Go read this.


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