Friday, February 25, 2005

Rekha Basu + Junk Science, Perfect Together!

For our social awareness lesson today, Rekha has a moan on the evils of silicone breast implants. She follows her formula to a tee - have a "victim" to personalize it, offer a slanted, left wing feminist "history" of the problem and insert the need for political action.

The only trouble is - there is no scintilla of credible scientific evidence supporting the notion that silicone breast implants cause illness. Look here. But that's not important now. There's a higher truth here people!

Down with Dow! Napalm! Bhopal! Gloria Steinem!

When reason and facts are an impediment to a social/political agenda (just ask Larry Summers...), the evidence must be ignored.

Hey, I think breast implants - saline or silicone - are kind of silly. But if women (or our male transgendered friends) want them, they should be able to get them without Rekha and her nanny state friends getting in the mix.


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