Friday, April 15, 2005

Nancy Pelosi/Katy Couric - Class Warriors!

On the Today Show, I just heard Senator Pelosi on the floor of the Senate compare the new bankruptcy bill to indentured servitude. Jeez, I thought the Senate was supposed to be the sober, mature house of Congress...

Roy Insana tried to keep Katy Couric tethered to the Earth by explaining the means testing included in the bill, etc.

But the script said "push the class war angle" and that what she did with: "... those who can afford it least...", "credit card companies pushing their product on the most vulnerable who frankly shouldn't have access to increased credit...", bladee-blah.

Of course, if the credit card companies were more discriminating about issuing plastic, Katy would go after them for discrimination against "... those who can afford it least...".


Update: Mikey catches me in a huge bumble. Pelosi is of course a member of the House. I guess - especially before my first cup of coffee - I find her and Sen. Barbara Boxer as somewhat interchangeable.


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