Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hey, I'm a Barbarian!!!

But, you already knew that. From State 29 - An anti-bowhunting letters to the Cedar Rapids Gazette:
Since commissioners who approved this plan don't think the hunt is cruel, I suggest they be chased through the woods and shot with arrows. Perhaps this will give them much needed insight into the pain and suffering this hunt will inflict on these helpless, gentle creatures of God.

Several does live on our wooded lot. Each year we wait with anticipation to see the new fawns. The city's hunters will not be allowed on our property, and I encourage everyone opposing this slaughter to contact the City Council and ask them to stop this barbaric hunt.
Yes, they're "creatures of God"... So are we, by the way. And those deer sure is tasty!

And, there's way to many of them around here. And did I mention that you can eat them and they're tasty...?

Gotta go now. I'm off to my friend's property in Madison County to stalk and hopefully kill the big doe I missed last Saturday. (hey... bow hunting is anything but a sure thing) She has two beautiful fawns with her. I saw them frolic and spar with each other that evening. It was very, very cool.

If I kill the doe, I will make every effort to kill and eat them as well. Ummmm... veal deer.

Ponder that. I found them beautiful and I'm ready to kill and eat them. Call me a barbarian, but I find that life affirming.


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