Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Readers Respond to Doak's Silliness

Dick's vapid piece urging John Kerry (who by the way served in Vietnam...) to sue the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has gotten some good replys.

From today's Letters to the Editor:
Include media in lawsuit

Maybe the Swift Boat Veterans would welcome a John Kerry libel lawsuit. In fact, maybe the Swift Boat Vets should sue Kerry for libel. A good airing of Kerry's military service and his behavior after returning may be just what this country needs.

Unlike you, I believe a libel suit that would have a far greater chance of success would be the Bush campaign vs. Kerry campaign, CBS News and Dan Rather.

I agree, an educated citizenry is important. I just don't trust you to do the educating.

-Steve Weltha, Winterset.

Lawsuit could determine truth

Here I am, a lifelong Republican, agreeing with Register senior editorial columnist Richard Doak, who urges Sen. John Kerry to sue the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth for libelous statements regarding his wartime service in Vietnam ("Kerry Can Serve His Country Again: Sue the Swift Boat Vets," Oct. 10).

Maybe such legal action will require Kerry to make available full disclosure of his service records, including his medical records and the actual reports he submitted describing his actions in a particular engagement that now seem to be in question. Likewise, the Swift Boat Vets would be required to make available their records.

As I recall, the Swift Boat Vets invited a libel suit by Kerry during the heat of the campaign, but none was forthcoming. I wasn't there in Vietnam, where the disputed actions took place, and I am rather sure Doak wasn't either.

Absent on-sight verification, who really knows whether Kerry "puffed up" his reports and/or exaggerated his injuries? A court action could put all the facts on the table, and the public could determine who was libeled.

-John M. Ropes, Mason City.
Good on ya guys!


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