Monday, November 07, 2005

Burn the heretic or... what are they teachin' them youngsters at UNI???

Okay, so a Purdue Engineering PhD candidate drops some acerbic comments on a left-wing academic blog post on why Judge Alito is the Antichrist and must be filibustered. Said engineering candidate actually discusses one of Alito's decisions on the merits of the case and gets labeled a Troll and banned from posting further comments.

So far this ain't news right? But wait... there's more.

One of the commenters, an outraged University of Northern Iowa History professor decides to take the matter into his own hands and contact the engineering PhD candidates advisors to tell them of the candidate's "unprofessional conduct".

First I'm not at all surprised at the initial thread reaction to Paul's comments. It would be like walking into Wednesday evening church service at the local Assembly of God and trying to explain to the congregation that "... there's not even an historical record of Jesus the Christ, so what's all the supernatural, hocus-pocus resurrection fuss about..."

You're not likely to get a positive or measured response. You're even likely to get called some unflattering names.

Paul may not have been crashing a church service. But he was questioning the common wisdom in leftist academia. And that's messing with religious belief baby, make no mistake about it. But man... going straight to "I'm telling teacher!!!"

Whoo... that's pretty harsh.

Okay, so after demanding - and not receiving - a formal apology, Paul is taking said UNI History Professor to court.

Follow the links. Follow the chain of comments, counter comments and events. If you think it's right and proper, Email the History Professor, his Department Head and the President of UNI: Robert Koob. His office can be reached here: Office of the President, 20 Seerley Hall, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0705 - (319) 273-2566 (voice); (319) 273-6494.

I'll publish my letter(s) after I send them.

H/T Protein Wisdom

Update - I forgot to include this link to a .pdf file Paul captured before his later comments were scrubbed. Odd - The more logical and less goading Paul got, the more riled up bitchphd gets. She goes right to the sexism card:
No, Paul Deignan is an arrogant sexist who is determined to show how much smarter he is than the lady professor.

Which pretty much explains why trolls of that sort are always men.
I assume that the last sentence was written without a sense of its inherent irony.

And the punchline - it looks like she's Canadian. Perfect.


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