Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kill Him - He's Inauthentic

Just when you thought identity politics and animal rights couldn't get any goofier, check this out:

"Raising him by hand is not appropriate to the species but rather a blatant violation of animal welfare laws," animal rights activist Frank Albrecht told the mass circulation newspaper Bild, whose front page headline Monday read "Will Sweet Knut Be Killed by Injection?" Berlin Zoo is allowing Knut to be raised in such a way that the bear will have a behavioral disorder for the rest of his life, Albrecht believes. "In actual fact, the zoo needs to kill the bear cub," he adds.

He's not alone. Wolfram Graf-Rudolf, director of the Aachen Zoo, told the newspaper, "I don't consider it appropriate for the species that the little polar bear is being raised on a bottle." The animal will be fixated on his keeper and not be a "real" polar bear, he says.
Jeesh, poor little guy.

They should wait to kill him until he's full grown. He'd make a great rug at that point.


Blogger Joe said...

By that logic, it's time to kill all domesticated animals, because they are inauthentic. Yet tasty.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, if anyone was wondering what happened to the Nazis, the answer is that they all became animal-rights loonies. This clown wants to kill the bear to fit in with his twisted ideology, as if any bear that ever lived gave a shit what some punk thinks is "appropriate" for his species.

I say, let's feed wolfgang to Knut. How's that for "appropriate"?

3:33 PM  

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