Tuesday, September 23, 2003

It's Motzart vs. Beethoven!

Mike at Cold Fury compares and contrasts Apollonian and Dionysian... Classical and Romantic... control and abandon... well, you get the idea. But I'll bet you never heard it put this way before:

Beethoven is a rocket to Mars (the God O’ War planet, by the way, and not for nothing do I make that comment), and Mozart is a finely-tuned Ferrari. Beethoven is all brute strength and power and anger and the sweetness of purest blistering rage, and Mozart is every good thing that God ever made, with all the warmth and achy longing and bittersweet feeling that God intended when he cursed us Men with Women. Beethoven is how pissed off we Men are about it, rutting viciously with that universal blind confusion that wonders why we’re made to suffer so. Mozart is the part of us that says, “Ahh, but it’s so wonderful to hear them when they’re lost in the pure moment of passion; their sighs, their moans, their ecstasy.” Beethoven spurts violently, all over her; Mozart saves it for later, after she gets hers, which every good Mozart lover knows is the best part. And then Mozart cleans up and sleeps on the wet spot.

Whew... I need a cigarette.


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