Thursday, November 20, 2003

Now I'm too Tired

I don't have the energy for a proper Fisking. Maybe you'll find one over at Tusk and Talon or Cornfield Commentary.

But, I do have a few comments.

So it's come to this. The liberation of Iraq is bad because a serving soldier has a grandmother who's dying. Rekha, Rekha, Rekha... You've GOT to be kidding. What depresses me is that there are people out there who are going to read her piece and say: "Yeah, that nice boy should get to see his granny one last time. She's got a point."

It begins in the first sentence with the war on terror in scare quotes and ends with this:

But those are particularly painful burdens when they come with the uneasy sense that there is no noble cause. That you send your young off to make these sacrifices and miss final goodbyes and other life passages they can never repeat, yet Americans will be no better off and no freer for it in the end.

Rekha... we've disrupted two-thirds of al Qaeda's cash flow (per NPR's All Things Considered of all sources). We've not suffered another terrorist attack in this country. The people of Afghanistan and Iraq are freer RIGHT NOW than they've been since the British left. They're on the whole happy and optimistic about it. The polls in those two countries overwhelmingly reflect that.

The people who are dejected about this are you and the others who still mourn the passing of the Soviet Union. It's hard seeing your ideology crumbling before your eyes. You get desperate. You write desperate crap like this maudlin attempt to appeal to emotion combined with half-truths and outright lies about the war on Islamic Fascism.

I read this crap. I get riled up before breakfast about it. I then remember that it’s only the Register. Next I think about where I live and what passport I hold. All is good.

Sleep easy Rekha. Those men in Afghanistan and Iraq are serving for you. They fight and die to maintain your constitutional right to write blindly ideological agitprop drivel and get paid for it. Even that (in a bizarre way) makes me proud of who we are and what we are doing right now.

In Iraq and Afghanistan at this very moment your journalistic brothers and sisters have that same right to political expression without the fear of being tossed in a plastic shredder. Why…? Because we have shed our blood and spent our fortune to help them secure it.

Explore that in your next column Rekha

Update - David Hogberg comes through! Taste cold logic Rekha!!!


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