Monday, December 22, 2003

In 2003 "The Roadrunner"... In 2004 "Roadkill" - Rekha goes Looney Tunes

Our wacky, zany Rekha is now comparing Howard Dean to a cartoon character and the rest of the Democratic candidates to another. First, if she could only see how on the mark she really is... whee! Second, only she of Planet Basu could spin a positive out of the panic and intra-party carnage the Democrats have been dealing each other since Saddam was taken to the hooscow.

Through it all, Dean continues to play Road Runner to the other candidates' Wiley Coyote: outrunning, outfoxing and outraising them. It's not just because he's a shrewd politician. It has to do with principles. While some waver and waffle over Bush's war policy, hitching approval or disapproval to every new poll or uptick in the war, Dean wasn't afraid to take a stand against it early on, or fickle enough to abandon it when something goes Bush's way.

What "Dean-o" (what Bush43 reportedly calls Howard) is doing right now is cementing Dean's popularity with Democratic loony tune lefties like our Rekha. This strategy may well take him to the head of the Democratic ticket. It's also going to seal his fate in the general election. His recent ravings about the Saudis warning President Bush in advance of 9/11 and his bumbling non-recovery from the gaff are but a preview of Dean being Dean.

The best thing for the well being of the United States would be for Howard Dean to win the Democratic nomination for President in 2004. On this, Rekha and I would probably agree.... for radically different reasons.


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