Sunday, December 07, 2003

Prohibition in England?

Okay Brits, they've already come for your handguns. Now it's time to hand the government your cigarettes. Yes, believe it or not, there is talk in the UK about banning tobacco altogether. An editorial in The Lancet calls for the prohibition of tobacco products.

Cigarette smoking is a dangerous addiction. We should be doing a great deal more to prevent this disease and to help its victims. We call on Tony Blair's government to ban tobacco.

Yes... we're all victims with a disease who must be helped by those wiser (and certainly stronger with police powers behind them) that us.

"Can I have some candy mummy?"

"No my darling little boy... have some unsweetened, unsalted rolled oats. They're good for you. You'll live (a life of boredom) to a ripe old age (and wished that you'd died at 40). Now… shut up and eat your oatmeal."

I pray that this comes to a head in Great Britain so that we can observe the folly from a safe distance.


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