Friday, February 13, 2004

Them Liberals... they is soooo smart ...

And educated too!

Every wonder why (hey... I sound just like Andy Rooney...) Universities are dominated by the Left? Edward Feser has a stab at it... and puts a dagger through its black, rotten, heart.

[Left-wing academics are] hardly the disinterested Educator-of the-People it presents itself as being. It is, instead, little more than yet another grubby special interest group, struggling alongside the other herd animals of the welfare state for access to the governmental teat. Being more articulate than those others, however, it can more effectively mask its true motives, and do so in a way uniquely pleasing to its master: it presents itself as a new priesthood, whose socialistic religion offers the state a justification for its existence in return for permanent employment in the state's propaganda factories -- "public" schools and universities -- and the opportunity to create the plans the state's officials will implement, fresh off the intellectuals' drawing board. The Leftism of intellectuals is readily understandable, then, given that it is precisely the ideology one would expect of the class of the state's professional sycophants.



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