Monday, June 07, 2004

State Subsidized Child Care NOW!

Well, the economy is officially in recovery. How can we know...?

Simple... the Register Editorial Board caught wind that Iowa State tax revenues were up 14% in May. And for the REB, this means it's time to spend, spend, spend!

And how do we get the flood gates opened...? Anybody...? Come on now, you know where this is going.


80% of parents with small children work. They need child care. And you know, sometimes parents need to be flexible and inventive to have their kids taken care of while they work. Well, we can't have that now. We need simple options. Iowans are simple people, after all.

It's another job for (ta-dah!!!)


Universal preschool and a longer school year - which would boost learning, too - are places to begin, along with providing more assistance so that other other good programs can fill in the gaps.

No job too big. No job too small. No tax too high. Revenues are up and there's no time to waste.

To the barricades... FOR THE CHILDREN!!!


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