Sunday, July 04, 2004

Independence Day

Man, even the name of our supreme national holiday must scare and piss off the social democratic elites of the world. I'm sure that the doyens of the EU and UN would much rather have us celebrate "Interdependence Day" or "Drop Trow and Accept the Jurisdiciton of the International Court of the Hague Day".

Well, the name may not say it all, but it says a lot. Like it or not EU... UN... and the rest of you Tranzie Loonballs, we've got it goin' on. We've had it for over 225 years. We're not going to allow some insane attempt at social engineering through state power that grants rights instead of aknowledging man's natural ones to subsume our country. As attractive as that sounds... thanks, but no thanks.

Anyway... have a safe (but DO indulge in some pyrotechnic fun!!!) and happy Fourth of July.


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