Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It’s the CHURCH Police!

I have to stop watching TV. It’s taking years off of my life.

I decided to watch National Geographic’s Dawn of the Maya this evening.

I learned some very interesting things I did not know about Mayan civilization.

I also learned that the actual human sacrifice of the Mayans was morally equivalent to the ritual blood sacrifice of Christ’s crucifixion. It then blames the Catholic Church for wiping away the Mayan religion.

Why did the Catholic missionaries put the hammer down on these free and natural people…? Because the good friars got incensed when the Mayans decided to bump their religion up a notch by crucifying children. And of course it was OUR fault because of all of that bloody, violent Iberian-Catholic crucifixion imagery.

Hey, I’m no fan of the Spanish Inquisition, but compared to Torquemada, these Mayan Priests were pros.

Why, oh why does there always have to be the obligatory slam at the Western Tradition on PBS? How much longer must we be made to feel shame and guilt for our culture and impose sainthood on every other dead-end failure?

Then, the program held up the Mayans as an ecological moral lesson. Reckless monoculture brought their great civilization down.

Hey, kill innocent people to appease the Maize God…? It was a grand, noble culture and we stamped out the one tenuous connection these perfect, indigenous people had to their golden past. For shame!

Upset Gaia by changing the environment…? How reckless, dangerous and ecologically unforgivable of them. No wonder they fell from grace. How foolish.

How... Republican.

Hey PBS... I just wanted to learn a little about the Mayans.


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