Saturday, September 04, 2004

Telling it Like it Is

I think what gets my goat most about the way the Democrats are handling the Zell Miller and Dick Cheney speeches at the RNC is the "butter wouldn't melt in our mouths" way they approach it. What do I mean by this? Well... let me see if I can parse it out. I'm not sure if I even have it sorted out for myself yet.

Democrats seem to creep up to the point when they can no longer stuff their true meaning back in their mouths with subtle craft and innuendo. On the rare occasions that they are confronted by the media with the facts that counter their position, they immediately backpedal. I guess it's all about plausible denyability - of opinion and conviction. And of course it's touted as "being diplomatic". There is a reason that French is called "the language of diplomacy".

There is a time for diplomacy and a time for plain speaking. Harry Truman knew this. I believe that the Democratic Socialists - which really includes the core of the Democrat Party - cannot afford the luxury of speaking freely.

If they did, they would be forced to abandon the core of their incrementalist socialist agenda. If they really spoke directly to the majority of the American public about their quest to engineer society into an equal-outcome utopia, they would be be ridden out on a rail.

This will get me in trouble with the ladies, but this is a stereotypical feminine tactic. If you don't have the facts or the power to push your point, dance around the topic. Never, ever confront it directly. If you're caught, retreat with a "Well, I surely didn't mean that!" And always make sure that you're really indignant. The bigger the misrepresentation, lie or connivance you may be caught in, the more you need to pile on the indignation!

If you're really caught with your pants down, you say "How dare you!!!???"... as in "How dare you question my patriotism!!!???". Yeah, the redirection helps too. Make sure that you change the subject and accuse the person calling you on the carpet of some horrible taboo.

Back in the 60's, the people who fancied themselves speaking truth to power urged us to "tell it like it is". Well people, that's what Zell Miller did last Wednesday night.

He painted an accurate portrait of the National Democrat Party, focusing on their attitudes on international relations and armed conflict that they have clung to since 1972. He left no room for interpretation of what he really meant.

I'll admit that he stretched it a little but with the "John Kerry would ask permission from the UN..." business. (Kerry DID say that once. Yeah, he did kind of, sort of repudiate that statement.. But one of Kerry's central criticisms of the President is that he acted unilaterally in invading Iraq. ) But, Miller attacked Kerry and his party on their record.

Senator Miller simply said what millions of Jacksonian Americans have thought about the elitist, East Coast, liberal/socialist Democrat base for years.

How can we tell...?

Can you say 11 point bounce?


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