Thursday, September 16, 2004

We're Evil, I Tell You... Eeee-vil!

You see, we were evil, stupid, deceitful and destructive 40 years ago. We have not grown. We are the same country now. John Kerry could have turned us toward the light. But instead, he is being seduced by the dark side.

But more than 30 years later, America has not turned. The lessons were not learned, as America again finds itself fighting a war in a country that posed no threat, trying to impose democracy on a culture that does not comprehend its meaning.
World War II... now that was a good war. We lost more men in the average week than we lost in a year a half in Iraq. But we were allied with the good old Soviet Union (God, I miss those guys)... so THAT was a good and moral fight.

For more anti-American, aging flower-child, world-government, socialist drivel... read this.

Or, just read as much as you can stand.


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