Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Democrats Skim the Cream

Yep... you betcha. Them Democrats pull in the best of the best. The smartest... the most hard-working folks on the face of the planet.

Want proof? Go to Greenman's place. He'll yell ya:

If your party [Republican]has decided to court and cater to the lowest common denominator (people who take pride in their ignorance and respect those most like them) than alas those who do not fall into this group may have to expect to be painted with the same brush.
Nice, huh?

Here's his perspective on the free market:

On economic policies what I see it all boiling down to is that the Democrats message has been that your chance to become wealthy out of poverty is slim at best so instead why not try to make your life a little better secure you some fundamental needs like health care and job security and spread the economic gains the Country may experience across the board. Republicans realized a lot of people play the lottery and that if the promise of prosperity and wealth is dangled just right that many Americans would be willing to become more poor if they believed they had a chance to become even more wealthy. Consider how few achieve this and how many already wealthy people get even wealthier due to this I'd have to characterize those who believe this message as "suckers".
Yep, no one can dig their way out of poverty. No opportunity here. Let's just take the wealth that someone else creates and give it to them poor folks.

Republicans want to keep the poor down. Yes sir! That way, the poor won't be able to create their own wealth, buy more stuff and make everyone, including the wealthy... more wealthy. No, the captains of industry surely don't want that. Much more satisfying to see the poor starve in their Dikensian treadmills and poorhouses.

Not "suckers" greenman... strivers... workers... Entrepreneurs. No wonder you gloomy Gus's lost the friggin election. All you offer is drab, socialist status quo... Victory Gin and faux cigarettes... Numbing balms against the whole "life is an unfair sack of shit" mantra. So sad...

Most of the Democrats I know (including my own wife) voted for Kerry at the limbic level. Most of the arguments I heard were grounded in fear, nurtured by envy and expressed in childish projection that would make even a liberal New York psychotherapist bush.

Businessmen are bad and greedy. And in the next sentence:

How come they have all of that stuff and I have to live in a crummy apartment and drive a 10 year old junker?

Everything Bush does in the his tenure as President of the United States is calculated to ultimately enrich him and his cronies.

Gee whiz... people shouldn't be without health care... health insurance... whatever.

We shouldn't be indiscriminately killing tens of thousands of innocents in Iraq.

Bush is dumb.

He smirks.

I just feel that he doesn't feel emotion like real, feeling people like me feel, ya feel me.

Yep greenman, East Coast Democrat elites are smart, bright, emphathetic, caring and lovely people with broad backgrounds and lofty historical perspective. Your comments are proof.


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