Saturday, February 26, 2005

More on Summers and the PC Gender Police

I found this at Powerline. [Hey... how come I don't have a link to those guys. I'll have to fix that.]

It takes one's breath away to watch feminist women at work. At the same time that they denounce traditional stereotypes they conform to them. If at the back of your sexist mind you think that women are emotional, you listen agape as professor Nancy Hopkins of MIT comes out with the threat that she will be sick if she has to hear too much of what she doesn't agree with. If you think women are suggestible, you hear it said that the mere suggestion of an innate inequality in women will keep them from stirring themselves to excel. While denouncing the feminine mystique, feminists behave as if they were devoted to it. They are women who assert their independence but still depend on men to keep women secure and comfortable while admiring their independence. Even in the gender-neutral society, men are expected by feminists to open doors for women. If men do not, they are intimidating women.
Left wing feminism is just one facet of the denial of human nature and the adoption of "the blank slate". We've discovered that the theory will not hold in practice, so it morphs into religion.

Woe betide those heretics in academia - like poor old Larry Summers.


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