Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do you think it's alright...

... to leave the boy with Uncle Ernie?

State 29 rightfully defends Ed Fallon (did I just write that...?) in Fallon's effort to enforce reasonable restraints on convicted sex offenders.

29 and Fallon are right on this one. Reactionary legislation is seldom good legislation - and this law seems to confirm that.

Not only that, Reka Basu was right in this column. And this gets to the heart of the matter. A drunken 19-year old who drops trow at a drunken party (where a minor happens to be) is not even on the same planet at that animal that snatched a toddler at the Des Moines Public Library and took her to the men's room. Given no other brushes with the law, the former should get a fine and severe talking to about his deportment.

The latter...? Tree. Rope. Human Waste. Some assembly required. Okay, we'll give him a fair trial and 1 appeal first.

This mess is another unintended consequence of "Zero Tolerance" nonsense. This, combined with a state legislature that wants to score political points - I mean, who's going to argue for "sex offenders"? - leads to law that is poorly thought out and unworkable.

Okay... I'm gonna say it. I disagree with Fallon on many issues. But man, he sure seems to have a rare combination of guts and integrity.


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