Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rob and Rekha... gotta love 'em.

Rekha's uses Rosa Parks' death to stoke the fires of moral equavalence. You see, there's just as much injustice in the US today as there was in 1954 when Jim Crow ruled. And did I mention the war...? War bad. Bush bad. My columns pretty much all same.
Rights are like expiring coupons: Stash them in a drawer, don't use them and you risk losing them.
I think of "rights" more as a pair of socks. You did know that "the Man" through his government agents and lackeys steals one sock from each pair you own. Not aliens. Not the sock eating Dryer Monster. The MAN.

Meanwhile Rob offers us an elitist tribute to obnoxious rich Mercedes driving, chain smoking East Coast power maven. You know the trouble with Iowa...? There's too damned many Midwesterners here.
This town has a lot going for it - cheap parking, minor-league hockey -? but it's short on characters. It doesn't have enough of those in-your-face types who are obnoxious, talented, smart and funny.
Ah knock it off Rob. That's why you and Rekha are here. Fish, ponds and all that.

Oh, and there's the hard work enlighteningng us poor, ignorant Midwestern bumpkinns.

Poor Rob and Rekha - pearls before swains.


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