Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fight the Power with a Girlcot!

Ah... Rekha's never ending quest for social justice had entered the fashion world.
There's no better way to turn around a situation that strips you of power than by taking action, seeing results and getting empowered in the process.
Right on my Marxist sisterfriend!

Look, I think the tee shirts were in bad taste. I also have no problem with these girls organizing a boycott. I'm not even disappointed that they won.

But tee shirts as a some bellwether of the erosion of women's right? We're nitpicking here people. Women's rights have come leagues in the last 100 years. In fact, as the father of two boys I have some major concerns that women have become culturally dominant - particularly in the academy to the detriment of their male peers. And I don't just mean post secondary education. Elementary and middle schools have no idea to do with boys that, well... behave like boys.

Girls do better in school than boys. More young women go to college than young men and the gap is growing. Women have tons of opportunity in the business world and often receive preference in the name of "diversity". Women have an overwhelming advantage in family court. There is a huge emphasis on "women's health" even though women on average live significantly longer than men.

If any of the conditions in the last paragraph were reversed (imagine if the average female lived 5 or so years less than the average male!!!) it would be a huge societal scandal. Katie Couric would be bleating about it every weekday morning. But when it comes to men and boys, it's their fault and they need to change. Use your inside voice and take your ritalin my son.

I'm sick to death of Rekha and her fellow (hey, can I use the world "fellow" when referring to womyn...?) aging gender feminists trying to impose their concept of what they think women should be. Choice is good and all, but gender feminists want their sisters to make the "right" choice. But the personal is political is all that.

And speaking of family life... what parent in their right mind would let their 13 year old daughter wear a demeaning tee shirt? But then again, what parent would let their pre-pubescent girl wear makeup and revealing clothes to school?


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