Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Like, the Great Society was like so... just Great

Here's my response to a some Carol Hunter editorial pablum on The Register's Editorial Page.

Yeah, let's have more huge government programs to steal wealth from the people who created it and "redistribute" it to the "poor".

Newsflash - the major heath issue for those mired in "poverty" is obesity.

Got that - OBESITY! Whoo-hoo! We've won that war.

Poor people are fat!!! Congratulations all around. You know, if you told someone in 1965 that poor people in this country would have weight problems - other than being emaciated - that person would have thought you were a nut. The majority of "poor" people in this country today own their own home, own a car, have air conditioning, more than 1 color TV. They live an upper-middle lifestyle compared to an American in the 1950s.

Of course, this is not enough. Progressives (what an ironic moniker for the reactionaries of the new century...) have been attempting to move the goal posts and redefine "poverty" as some "social justice" calculation of the "Gap" between the rich and the poor. You'll never read a piece in The Register that shows a person on hard times and focuses on the cavalcade of bad choices that got them there. No... it's society's fault and society (that's you and me kids) must pay. No thank you.

The Great Society threw billions of dollars down the drain and its main achievement was to dramatically increase the number of children raised by single mothers. Those children ended up in poverty and/or crime. Those children had children. And the dance continues. And, if Bill Clinton did not have the guts to support Welfare reform in the mid 1990’s things would have been much worse.

Again, no thank you.
Jebus, the Democrats have their dander up. They really think that the last mid-term election is going to undo all of the nasty Republican poor bashing of the last 27 years. Yeah guys, good luck with that mandate thing. We'll see how long it lasts after you roll back Bush's tax cuts. That is, if you roll back Bush's tax cuts.


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