Monday, March 17, 2003

Bush's Address

Well done Mr. President. You're still no Tony Blair, but you looked strong, confident and stated a good case. Your effort will only be persuasive to people who are riding the fence at this point. Those who keep repeating "dropping bombs is not the way" (great mpeg of Iraqi exile disecting a silly, little peacenik. Thanks LGF.) will not ever get it. However, it needed to be said and you did it well.

I made the mistake of watching the speech on CBS. After the address was over, Dan Rather immediately offered to “translate” what the 48-hour Saddam and Family evacuation notice meant. Paraphrased: “Unless something extraordinary happens, there will be a war.” Wrong grandpa, it means that if Saddam and his band of henchmen are not out within 48 hours, it’s showtime. How could it be any clearer than that?

Dream on Danno.


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