Monday, October 06, 2003

The Media - Subtle and Insidious

I can't stand watching even human-interest stories on network television. In an ABC Nightly News piece on the Sigfried and Roy tiger attack, famous animal expert Jack Hanna was commenting on how wild tigers are well... wild. They're unpredictable. Well... that makes perfect sense. But, here's where I got in trouble with my wife for talking back to the TV (I've been getting into trouble more and more over this behavior...).

Mr. Hanna said that "They can go off at any time... just like a loaded gun." "No!!!" I said, with vigor. "A loaded gun can only go off if you pull the trigger. Having a gun in your house is nothing like having a great cat that weighs over 500 pounds." That was about where I was cut off.

I know, I know... in and of itself it's nothing. But in the context of everything the mainstream media feeds us, it's quite telling. I see the pattern of bias in almost every story on the national news.


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