Thursday, October 09, 2003

Whittle - CA has Eject, Eject, Ejected!

Speaking of the California election, Bill Whittle has some new content content up. Check out Fraud! Treason! Conspiracy! The entry is brief for him, formadable for any normal human blogger. A sample:

And still these people wonder why, after insulting and demeaning the electorate, their poll numbers continue to go down? Shwartz---sorry, Governor Schwarzenegger and McClintock –two Republicans that essentially split the party ticket – together took home around 60% of Califreakingfornia! And instead of doing the smart thing – let alone the honorable thing – they keep hanging blame wherever they think it will stick. They lost because the machines were rigged. They lost because you voters are so stupid. They lost because of a backroom conspiracy. They lost because you’re all racists. Or sheep. Or blinded by cheap glitter.

What an uplifting, inspiring philosophy! How can a simple citizen like me become a part of this great vision of leadership and hope?

Go check it out.


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