Tuesday, October 07, 2003

An Old Lileks Screed

I was wandering around James Lileks' web site when I stumbled onto his Screeds. WOW!!!

In this one, he's written about Stephanie Salter from the SF Chronicle.

I don’t read her much, because it’s a variety of columnist I can’t abide - inches and inches of miffed melancholic vague agony over . . . things. When editors decide to add a local Ellen Goodman to their pages, this is usually who they come up with. It’s never someone who writes with the crisp verve and enthusiasm of Caroline Hax (sure, she’s an advice columnist, but she can write about anything, I suspect) or the steady, sober, relentlessly empirical Kathrine Kirtsten. No, they get these worried souls whose columns always make you feel as though you’re chewing a damp blanket.

Hmmm... can you guess who this reminded me of...?


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